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Get More Customers by being Mobile Ready -30% of Searchers are using Mobile Devices -70% of Mobile Searches Go to the Place they searched

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Get More Business with Your Mobile-Ready Website

With Your menu, maps, specials, contact information and social media links all at their finger tips, your New Mobile-Ready Website will send more customers to your business. And you know the importance of continually attracting new customers. Let your New Mobile Website do that for you.


Launch Your New Mobile-Ready Website Quickly

TakeoutOrders can provide you your own Mobile-Ready website very quickly and allow you to focus on your business as your New Mobile Website drives new customers to you.


How Does It Work

Automatic Redirection A customer is out and wants to go to dinner. They search for you or a restaurant like yours, click on you, and your regular website will detect they are using a mobile device, using the script we provide you, and redirect them to your mobile website. Then your customer can find what they need to know, like where you are, and come to you and enjoy a great dinner with you. Happy Customer, right!


Happy Customer - Profitable Business

Allowing your mobile customers to easily read your mobile-ready website, seeing you on a map, reading your content, etc., will make them feel you desire them as customers. They will then come to your establishment for dinner and not continue they mobile searching until they find one of your competitors.